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New Flu Vaccine Comes to Private Pharmacies in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News – Private pharmacies in Costa Rica will soon have doses of the new influenza vaccine available. The cost is expected to be between ¢12.000 and ¢14.000.

FluQuadri 1The lab providing the vaccine is Sanofi Pasteur.

The new vaccination is approved by the National Vaccine Commission. It is meant to prevent strains of the virus that are circulating in the southern hemisphere and most affect the Costa Rican population.

The product will be under the name FluQuadri.

The vaccine offered last year offered only 50% protection whereas this new one reaches 80%.

The old one was aimed at strains found in the northern hemisphere.

The CCSS has also invested in the vaccine but will only make it available to 715,000 people, specifically seniors, babies under age 2, and those aged 2-59 who are high-risk patients.

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