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New Craters Discovered in the Poas Volcano

Costa Rica News – A volcanologist has discovered new craters in the Poas Volcano.

Although the volcano is decreasing in seismicity, it keeps up a surprising amount of ash eruptions. The biggest impact is to the east.

Several changes have occurred over the last five months. There has been intense activity, evolution and transformation. The landscape is nothing like what it was. There are various new fractures, according to Raul Mora Amador who was able to observe it on Sunday because of the nice weather.

He thinks a new cone may form from them. He explains that two different conduits are now joined by cracks, specifically a fissure that extends for 150 meters, with a depth of 10 to 15 meters and a width of over 10 meters in some sections.

The volcano became active on April 1st and on the 9th the national park was evacuated and later closed. A lava eruption followed on the 12th and then an even more powerful eruption of four km in height on Good Friday.

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