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New CR International Airline & Direct Flights

Costa Rica Travel News – Costa Rica has become a hugely popular destination and more and more airlines are offering direct flights to the country. Costa Rica has decided that it wants to gets into the game.

ticos airline costa ricaNow, a new Costa Rican international airline, called TICOS-Airline, will be offering direct international flights to several countries, including Cuba, Ecuador and the United States.

TICOS – Líneas Aéreas de Costa Rica (San José Juan Santamaría) is the name of a new airline that has begun the process of certification and intends to take over the routes recently abandoned by TACA International Airlines (TA, San Salvador Int’l) subsidary LACSA Costa Rica (LR, San José Juan Santamaría) after its complete merger with Avianca Colombia (AV, Bogotá).

TICOS-Airline will fly direct from Los Angeles and New York to the Juan Santamaria international airport in San Jose (SJO), and may also open additional routes in the near future.

The direct flights will cut literally hours off the travel time for most visitors from these cities, which would otherwise have to make a layover in another hub such as Dallas, Atlanta or Miami.

Now, visitors from Los Angeles can reach Costa Rica in about the same amount of time it takes to reach Hawaii;

Tourists from New York can be in Costa Rica quicker than going to London.

Direct flights and better infrastructure has brought Costa Rica to the next level when it comes to travel and tourism.

We can only hope that the customer service that is associated with the Costa Rican culture (nonexistent) is not applied to this airlines.

I think a great business idea down in Costa Rica would be to franchise a Dick’s Last Resort.  The waitstaff are paid to be obnoxious and rude.

Sorry, random chain of thought while getting this article out………

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