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New Costa Rica – Nicaragua Border Crossing

Costa Rica News – Are you ready to stop crossing the border at Penas Blancas? I myself am tired of even saying that town’s name. It is a bit awkward for most guys to way that they are going to “white penis” to cross the border……I know that is not what it means but wanted everyone to get their daily laugh.

Tablillas de Los Chiles costa rica borderThe Costa Rican Ministry of Security is forced to install temporary checkpoints in Tablillas de Los Chiles, which will be the new border crossing with Nicaragua. It’s located in the Alajuela province.

The long term plan is to build a permanent outpost, like that in Penas Blancas, but while it’s being completed- it’s said to be done in 2016- there is a fear of people setting up informal buildings illegally.

The temporary checkpoints will ensure police presence in the 12 acres of land intended to become the border crossing. They are, however, still waiting for the municipality to sign off on the idea of temporary camps.

The Security Minister, Mario Zamora, applied for the permit in 2012. “Now there’s a growing movement of people,” he stated. This additional border crossing will facilitate them, and serve as part of the northern region’s economic plan for foreign trade. The project has a $2 million budget.


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