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New Costa Rica Jobs Website is Launched

Costa Rica News – Finding a job in Costa Rica used to revolve around going to “ferias,” or job fairs, but not anymore. Gone are the days of waiting in lines of 200 people with 500 copies of your resume.

costa rica has changed it all.

This website was created for publishing and finding jobs in Costa Rica. This new tool in the hands of job seekers already has over 2,000 jobs posted. The website management has a goal of expanding to include jobs throughout Central and Latin America. was created by, a car classifieds service in Costa Rica. Feriajobs currently has two full time employees who receive the job information and sort them to be published in the correct category.

“The goal is reduce barriers to finding jobs. Costa Rica now has many job fairs that charge those who need jobs, causing an unnatural barrier”, said Randall Solano, the project developer. The site is free to those posting and those looking for jobs.

 By Kerry La

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