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New Costa Rica Driver’s Manual Coming Out Soon

Costa Rica News – There will soon be a new edition of the Drivers’ Manual in Costa Rica. It is put together by MOPT, UNED and Cosevi and will be released on March 2nd, according to the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

costa rica drivers manualThe manual will have a cost of ¢5,000 and can be purchased in bookstores authorized by UNED, a Costa Rican university.

The new edition must be purchased before taking an exam because new material will need to be learned.

The director of Driver Education explained that the new material will be included in the theoretical examinations starting March 16.

The last tests given based on the older edition of the book will be on the 13th.

The roads haven’t changed much since the last edition was published so you might wonder where our tax money goes and what new information could be available to new drivers.

The new edition includes updates regarding signage, basic mechanics and how to pass another car.

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