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New Costa Rica Bank Notes Will Begin Circulation on August 27th

The new notes of ¢ 5,000, ¢ 10,000 and ¢ 50,000 start circulating on the 27th of August, the central bank said Saturday. The old bills of ¢ 5,000 and ¢ 10,000 retain their value as payment until December 31, 2012.

costa rica new bank notesThis means that you can use to make payments until the end of this year.

Then, from 1. January 2013 until 30 April, the old notes only be exchanged at commercial banks in the national banking system. The person takes them and give new ones.

From 1. St May 2013 exchange of notes of ¢ 5,000 and ¢ 10,000 from the “old family” may be made in the Central Bank.

People can review the features of the new notes in the Central Bank’s website, at: l

The Central Bank announced yesterday that provides public training courses, for which registration can be done via email at the address [email protected]

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