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New Convention Center in Costa Rica Attracts Hotel Investment

Costa Rica News -Companies are investing in projects, remodeling, training and transportation networks around Costa Rica’s new convention center.

Hoteliers are also building plans around the National Convention Center.

The convention center’s construction began on February 1st in Barreal de Heredia.

It will be 15,600 square meters and have capacity for 4,600 people. Laying its foundation sparked even more interest from hotel entrepreneurs to establish around it.

Over the next few months, the hotel sector will invest heavily in new hotels, refurbishment of existing facilities, transportation networks, increase in food and beverage services, training and expansion.

The country already has a suitable hotel structure big enough to meet the needs of the center but hotels right in the area will be seen as desirable.

Many conferences and congresses will be held at the center with international delegates looking for suitable hotels.

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