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New ‘App’ for Mobile Helps You to Rent and Buy Homes in Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica – In the need to try to find a home to rent or buy in Costa Rica, then an ap has been developed to help you do this. The search for homes and offices for rent or purchase can now be done from a mobile device that uses the Vivilat application that was launched by the company that bears the same name.

To search using GPS (location geosatelital) the user can query properties through the iPhone, iPad and mobile and tablet operating system Android.

By accessing Vivilat, the user can choose the type of property you want and you can access the photographs of the property and contact details to request more information.

Patricia Cheng, founder of the company, explained that users can apply a series of filters to find the properties of your choice, choose from apartments, condominiums, independent houses at auction, new, used, minimum and maximum price, number of rooms and baths, square meters of property, location by county and township.

At present, the application has a record with nearly 4,000 properties, but the company estimates that Expocasa and Decoration Fair, which will begin on June 27, will feature more than 7,000 buildings, to which they may have access from any device connected to the Internet. The service is free.

Many of the properties have an estimate of funding that would be given by the bank Lafise, an entity that made an alliance with Vivilat to provide service to offer credit to those concerned.

Monika Lachner, Lafise Marketing Manager, said that once the customer chooses the property of interest, you can review the estimated amount of the monthly credit, interest rate, loan period and the premium.

For complete information about the credit, you must complete a form.

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