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Needed Items for Donation to the Orphanage for Disabled Children

Listed Below are Items Needed for Donation to the Asociación Divina Misericordia – Costa Rica Orphanage for Disabled Children.

For People in Costa Rica, You can Drop off the Items at Porky’s BBQ in Santa Ana

Porky’s Address – 500 Meters North from the Iglesia en Pozos de Santa Ana

For People in the USA and Canada, We Are Getting Aerocasillas or another shipping company to get us free shipping for donated items, address to be given soon.


List of Items Needed 

Stuffed Animals

Diapers (All sizes)

Paper  towels

Lysol spray

Boxes of Lysol Wipes

Gel Alcohol

Syringes 3,5,10 cc


Gauze Pads

Sterile Gloves (Large and Medium, 7 and 7 1/2)

Micropore 1\2” , 1” and 3”  . ( white and skin color)

Dermagram Cream

Cotton Balls

Sterile Water

Medical Lubricant



Duoderm (Thin)

Feeding Bags


Gravol Suppositories

They can use clothes as well but the above items are day to day items that they always need and lack



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