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Nearly 150,000 Youth in Costa Rica Are Not in School Nor Working

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica has 147,959 youth, between ages 15 to 24, who neither study nor work.

costa rica povertyThis is a decrease from 2012 when the figure was 10,000 higher, according to the State of the Region Report in 2015.

The study pointed out that a large part of these people live in poor or rural areas and do not chose this lifestyle, rather there simply are not other opportunities. Resource scarcity affects at least 40% of those not working or studying.

Living in poverty and not having the chance to work or study becomes a cycle that affects generations.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean dictates that an adult should have at least 12 years of education to reduce his risk of living in poverty.

Costa Rica is making an effort that counts.

There are programs that provide grants for those in need to go to high school. Another initiative helps people study a career and settle in a company.

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