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Nature Centred Treatment Facilities in Costa Rica Boost Popularity

Costa Rica Health News – According to a recent study the environment a patient is placed in can be just as important on their recovery as the types of therapy they’re receiving.

holistic-therapyThis is why a lot of hospitals and therapy centres have started turning to alternate methods of healing that promote wellbeing and help to reduce both high stress levels and ill health that can arise in patients during the healing process.

One idea which has become quite popular is more natural treatment, where patients are given a more holistic approach to curing them of their ills or providing a form of natural rehab. Extremely popular amongst celebrities, this form of treatment has steadily been on the rise over the last few years.

The majority of natural themed treatment centres tend to take the same approach of providing their patients with a period of abstinence and extensive sessions of both physical and mental therapy.

The therapy can also take the form of either long and healthy hikes in the local wilderness, placing the patient in a natural themed environment like a garden or a pond or by having them go through long periods of meditation in a quiet and isolated natural environment.

Within these centres, a range of more natural and holistic methods are used. These tend to range from different types of traditional and modern massages to acupuncture, heat stones, hypnotherapy and even palm reading. Some centres also provide special art sessions outdoors where patients can express themselves and work through their emotions by using a canvas, paint and a beautiful outdoor location.

Patients undergoing this type of treatment have actually been shown to have a faster recovery in natured themed facilities when compared with hospital or centre based individuals.

The studies into this therapy found that with just up to 3 to 5 minutes of exposure to nature or an outdoors area the patient’s involved showed significantly reduced stress levels. But that’s not all because the test subjects also had reduced anger limits, an overall improvement to temperament and an increase in pleasant feelings from just a few sessions every week.

Then you compare this with traditional therapy methods where the care for the patients is heavily catered towards extensive counselling sessions, group conversations and activities. There are also periods of detoxification if you’re suffering from substance abuse and tons of medication which can often come with debilitating side-effects.

Perhaps that’s why Jain Malkin, founding member of the Center for Health Designs directors board and a top authority on healing and environmental factors says: “The environment really can influence the healing process.”

With the number of natural healing centres on the rise, places with an abundance of natural beauty like Costa Rica have seen a boom in the number of patients attending and centres being developed.

With vast tracks of untouched, beautiful natural terrain Costa Rica has already been considered by many as a prime location to set up new holistic treatment centres. In fact there are already a large number of small yet highly effective holistic centres currently operating within the continent.

Holistic Light is one example. It’s a recently created centre which specializes in Eastern holistic methods of treatment that incorporate over 20 types of different natural therapies. Each one is then further customised to the individual and their specific needs in order to give them the best type of treatment possible.

With more centres popping up almost every day, perhaps in the future Costa Rica may become the number one natural healing destination for us all.

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