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National Geographic & The Praying Mantis of Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce (Video)

Costa Rica Travel News – This post is the latest in the series Places, Experiences and Objects to Dream About, which profiles marvelous locations, unique life experiences and objects of interest to modern explorers that Kike discovers during my travels.

kike calvo national geographicAfter hiking for hours around endless stretches of rainforest, everything starts to appear magical. A bright green, lustrous leaf seemed to be moving towards me. Or so I thought.

I kept my eyes on it and my lens ready. An exquisitely shaped Leaf Mimicking Praying Mantis then lifted itself slightly from the foliage and allowed me to document the close encounter.

Praying mantis, like many other insects, have evolved to become indisputable masters of mimicry and camouflage.

They use their coloration to blend in with surrounding foliage, and this helps them avoid predators and become less noticeable when they strike their prey.

Through relatively sophisticated mimicry, they can be in disguise by looking like leaves, grass or even stones.

Golfo Dulce is an impressive large bay dotted with beaches and warm blue waters between the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica’s south Pacific Coast.

Aside from the landscape, very charismatic fauna like spider monkeys and morpho butterflies may be the first to capture one’s attention. But for me, this expedition to the Osa Peninsula was all about the magic that unfolds before your eyes when you stare at nature long enough.

Kike shares his expertise and experiences as a National Geographic Expert on several Costa Rica/Panama Lindblad Expeditions.

by Kike Calvo of Photographer; Expert at National Geographic Expeditions

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