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Narco Traffickers Threaten to Attack OIJ Headquarters

Costa Rica News – A narco trafficking gang has threatened to attack the the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), and it’s not the first time such a threat was made.

narco trafficking costa ricaThe intelligence received was that they were planning to attack the infrastructure with high-powered weapons.

Such an attack would affect the lives of police, administrative staff, detainees and families. Appropriate action is being taken to address the seriousness of the issue, according to an OIJ official.

The headquarters and the local securities have been informed and are coordinating in the effort.

They are being preemptive to protect the perimeter but do not wish to alarm the public.

By yesterday afternoon, there was still not a security agent to be found, just some orange cones at the entrance to “prevent vehicles from approaching.”

The building is very old and will need much more than cones to protect it.

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