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Nacro-Trafficking Plane Intercepted in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – I guess we can be happy that Costa Rica has stopped one plane in the increased narco-trafficking that is happening in Costa Rica. However, this is just scratching the service of what needs to be done to fight this growing problem in Costa Rica. 

narco plane costa rica 1There needs to be greater vigilance in covering the skies, seas and borders of Costa Rica, but with limited finances and man power this might be a battle that is impossible to win.

An engineer named Guzman, aged 34, was arrested for his involvement in facilitating the entrance of a narco plane in Cañas, Guanacaste. Guzman worked on the Horizon Ranch and had access to the facilities and was trusted greatly by the owners.

Francisco Segura, of the OIJ, explained the situation. Suspicious flights were reported a few months ago. Following their intelligence, camouflaged agents hid in fields to observe what would happen.

They were able to intercept the plane, but Guzman wasn’t there. He was found and arrested hours later. Four subjects were arrested on Sunday. A total of six suspects were arrested by Monday.

What they found onsite were two vehicles with 400 kilos of cocaine. When it began being loaded on the plane, it was intercepted. Two people fled the scene. The agents then found packages at the aerodrome. They were seized, as was $1.8 million in cash and were trying to load 400 kilograms of cocaine onto the plane.

The specific aircraft doesn’t have any history of landing in the country and they are still investigating who owns it. It appears to have come from Mexico. The various suspects could face eight months of pretrial detention on a charge of storage and international transportation of drugs. The OIJ thanks the Ministry of Public Security for all its help and research.

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