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Most Probable Place to Get Hit By Lightning in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The zone in Costa Rica with the most lightning is the Central Pacific, including Puntarenas, San Mateo and Orotina.

This area reports 20 to 30 strikes per square kilometer each year.

The figure is small compared to the Catatumbo region of Venezuela, which has the highest density in the world, that registers 200 strikes per square kilometer.

The Tico regions with the lowest incidence of the phenomenon are the Caribbean and Southern Caribbean. Humidity and weather systems are conditions that make some areas more conducive to lightning than others. These facts come from Ask the Scientist 2017.

Here are some interesting facts about lightning:

Lightning functions to depolarize the clouds and atmosphere.

Thunder and lightning happen almost simultaneously, but we see lightning first because light travels much faster than sound.

2,400 deaths from lightning happen annually around the world.

You can protect yourself from lightning by staying in a house or building and avoiding being near open fields or tall trees or towers. Take these precautions when you hear thunder, even if you do not see the lightning.

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