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More than 80 Guns Stolen From Costa Rica’s Polini Armory

Costa Rica News – That which can be stolen and unaccounted for will be stolen in Costa Rica.  If it is not cemented to the earth’s core it will be taken.  In Costa Rica though it is not stealing unless you get caught.  Plus if there is a way to do even half assly plan an inside job it will happen.

Offenders removed the metal curtain locks at the Armory Polini, entered the premises, left with more than 80 guns, ammunition and magazines and then put the locks back on the doors.

Authorities have not yet determined exactly when the theft occurred and how the thieves managed to get the master key to the locks of the premises. Takes a real big brain to know that this was an inside job and that nothing will ever be solved.

The administrator who spoke to the authorities yesterday, at about 10 am, after opening the curtain guarding the local metal and realize that the latchkey of the main glass door was broken.

The administrator, after entering the premises, confirmed that other internal doors had been forced open and dozens of firearms on display racks of the armory and lots of ammunition had been stolen.

Authorities preliminarily reported that among the weapons stolen were 86 nine-millimeter pistols and an undetermined amount of ammunition and magazines.

Marco Barrera, chief of the Armed Forces of El Carmen district, reported that they do not know how many people participated in the robbery and that the establishment was empty.

“The local monitoring service uses a private security, but after review it was noted that he was unarmed.  The type of locks that were use the shutters are special and can only be opened with a master key, “said Barrera.

So it sounds like the local police are on top of it, what a joke.  I know I will feel safer walking around Costa Rica knowing that over 80 nine millimeters are floating around.

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