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More Police in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – 220 Chinese workers are currently building a new center in Pococi, Limon that will be ready by March 2017 and will allow Costa Rica to train more police officers in this new facility.

costa rica police force crime 1The National Police Academy, ENP, will be able to train 1,000 citizens for the basic course per year, plus offer specializations to 4,000 more people, solving the 1,500 officer deficit from last year and the low capacity to train only 500 people a year and offer only 3,000 specialization vacancies.

The $50 million project is financed by China´s government under the lead of Beijing Urban Construction Group Co. Ltda (BUCG).

The company will take care of the buildings while Ministerio Publico will be responsible for the green areas in the 11 hectares property.

According to Dezhou Song, project director, the buildings will resist earthquakes up to 8 due to the quality of the materials used and construction specifications.

Ministerio Publico will finally be able to stop paying rent for the actual building used, giving a budget of 17,5 million colones a month for other purposes.

The training facility “El Murcielago” in Guanacaste will keep functioning for specific tasks and the one in Barrio Cordoba, San Jose will remain for administration purposes.

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