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More & More Guys Choosing Costa Rica Vacations for Single Men

Costa Rica Vacations for Single Men – Being single opens you up to a whole world of places to visit and tons of activities to do that are perfect for a lone wolf or a pack of bachelors at a Costa Rica Bachelor Party. You can do whatever you want, party all night with whomever you want and go wherever you want without worrying what others may think of you or that someone special is waiting for you back home.

costa-rica-vacations-for-single-men-1One of the many wonderful and exotic places to visit is Costa Rica. In this peaceful and beautiful country you get to experience entertaining adventure tours and sport fishing, you also have the option to try thrilling activities like white water rafting, zip-lining and ATV tours while enjoying the picturesque scenery right in front of you. At night you get to visit different bars or casinos and play a game of rummy (Costa Rica’s version of blackjack) while enjoying ice-cold beer or hard liquor that you fancy and gorgeous Latinas to cheer you on.

One of the many great things about visiting Costa Rica is that Americans and Canadians alike can stay for 90 days without a visa. There are also regular flights going to Costa Rica from major cities of both the US and Canada, plus it only takes 4-7 hours flight to get to Costa Rica so travelling is really easy.

Now What Exactly Should You Expect When you Finally Get to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a country that caters to many tourists and the activities and amenities available are manifold. When it comes to accommodation you are not limited to expensive hotels or cut-rate and run-down motels; you have the option to choose from many villas, mansions, condos or private houses that either comes with a mountain view or an ocean view that fits your budget.

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Activities in Costa Rica are numerous and we assure you that you will never get bored. If you are someone with an affinity for water you can definitely go swimming, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and sport fishing. You can also do rappelling, waterfall diving and for extreme sports there is white water rafting. If you like exploring the wilderness while enjoying the magnificent scenery around you, you can go horse riding, hiking, zip-lining, bird watching, explore caves or go on ATV tours; your options are limitless and it is up to you how you spend your time.

I am pretty sure that it is not just the scenery or day time activities you are interested in. Let me get down to Costa Rica nightlife activities you can indulge in.

If you are a party animal and like to go drinking and enjoy the Costa Rica nightlife, so drop by Monkey Bar, Le Loft and The Beatle Bar Jaco. All these joints play lively, up-beat music, have great dance floors and serve local and international liquors served by hot and engaging waitresses. If you are however more inclined to gambling you can go and visit Casino Amon, Crown Plaza, Hotel Casino Del Rey, Fiesta Casino, and Horseshoe Casino if you are in San Jose. If you are in Jaco you can visit Hotel Cocal & Casino for a Costa Rica Guys Trip or Costa Rica Bachelor Party for both women and gambling.

As the night gets deeper you would most likely be looking for a more steamy and scintillating activity with some drop-dead gorgeous gal willing to do whatever your heart desires (at the right price)! Since prostitution is legal in Costa Rica you can find tons of bewitching and exquisite women in different joints like The Hotel Cocal and Hotel Del Rey. For $100-$150 you are assured of 2 hours of uninhibited fun with an enchanting gal. Just beware of young and under-aged girls; they are not for the taking and you might end up in jail if it is found out that you made out with a minor.

Costa Rica is visited by men from all over the world because of its’ widely known sex industry, it is common for working girls to see more than one man a night and offer different services.

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If you are interested in having your own Costa Rica Guys Trip or Bachelor Party in Costa Rica, click above to get your free E-Book to help you plan your get away.

Content Includes:

Where to pick up Costa Rican Women & Nighttime Company

Recommended Golf Courses

Guy’s Tours Out of San Jose & Jaco

Gringo Friendly Bars & Clubs

Cigar Bars & Much More…….

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