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More Milk in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Grupo Lala is to invest $14 million in expanding its San Ramon plant. This Mexican company is in its initial stage in the country.

It will sell milk in different presentations and ice cream.

The company ensures that it will not compete by offering extra low prices as that would lower the quality of products offered in this market. The company is going to increase the process of industrialization from 50,000 liters of milk a day to 150,000 per day.

The expansion of the plant will be complete in the first quarter of next year and the products will reach the market in the second quarter. They will use locally produced milk.

The Mexican firm plans to expand by 4,000 square meters and add an unspecified amount of personnel.

Costa Rica produces first class milk and treats the producers well. Costa Ricans demand 150 liters of milk per person.

Additionally, local companies are increasingly exporting globally.

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