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More Costa Rica Sportsbook Owners Being Charged With Money Laundering

Costa Rica News – The US Department of State has reported that Costa Rica is unable to control the growing problem of money laundering in the country.

hustler 247 online sports bookIt is estimated that $4.2 trillion per year is laundered.

An American was indicted in NY for leading a laundering operation based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

A few of the websites they used were, and Dont expect your money back if you had accounts at any of them.

The man, Gordon Mitchnick, obtained funds from illegal sports betting from April 2015 through last June. Mitchnick bought over 20 houses to launder the proceeds.

Three other men, Schneider, Ferguson, and Rossi worked for him.

They were charged before the Supreme Court of Brooklyn and let out on bail.

The bail was set at $2 million for Mitchnick, $500,000 for Schneider and $50,000 for the other two.

The crimes they are accused of are corruption, promoting gambling, possession of gambling records and conspiracy in the fifth degree.

They each could face 25 years in prison.

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