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More 24 Hour Vet Hospitals in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – As a pet owner, I’m happy to report that 24-hour veterinary hospitals are on the rise.

Since, as fate has it, accidents always happen after hours, this is a life saver. The demand is ever increasing, encouraging the opening of private vet hospitals that remain open all day and night every day of the year.

The San Antonio Veterinary Hospital has four offices, three operating rooms, endoscopes, ultrasound, laboratory, dentistry, cages for all types of animals, X-ray and isolation areas for infectious diseases.

It opened on July 3 with an investment of over $1 million. The hospital has seven vets and four assistants.

Hospital Intensivet was the first 24-hour service. It is operated by UNA Veterinary School.

It offers all of the regular services plus oxygen therapy, digital radiographs and a swimming pool for physical therapy. It also has an operating room for horses.

The San Rafael Hospital offers specialized consultation, prenatal controls, artificial insemination and pet aesthetics.

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