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Moon Feathers – Protect Yourself From Evil

How to stop a curse – To stop a curse; remember that you need to put as much energy into the light thoughts that someone put into the dark thoughts against you. You must also heal yourself through positive chants, affirmations and beliefs.

To banish any form of evil, you must use love. Love is the spiritual force of light in our earthly world. Evil is the spiritual force of darkness.

Here is some ways of creating positive energy;


A fresh lime, and lime juice can help to repel negative forces. Try to put the juice on your face to anoint yourself. You may also drink lime in water for purification, or alternatively, lemon. Try to relax and destress for a moment, noting that everything takes place in time, and we can only master our own fates, not anyone else’s.


Mint leaves are very good, according to Hoodoo, in breaking hexes. Try them in a nice cup of tea, or burn them to have success in overcoming a curse. Think of the energy overpowering and cleansing the negativity. You can accomplish a powerful enlightenment if you allow the magic of the mint in. This can be any type of mint.

Some people believe that keeping a mint leaf in their wallet can help to bring them wealth. Mint is an attractor of material riches. Keep a fresh leaf with you at all times, if you wish to accomplish this. Remember, that our energy from our thoughts is ever-changing and can materialize very quickly if you master these techniques.


In some ancient traditions, a circle of salt is said to protect ones soul from being taken by evil. It is an especially good idea to place a circle around yourself while doing spells and rituals as if you do not, frequently you will experience the summoning of negative forces. You must protect yourself from evil because it feeds on the weak.

How to protect ourselves from evil

To protect ourselves from evil, it is recommended that we frequently cleanse and purify our spirits and surroundings with incense, holy water, amulets and other types of blessings. Stones like amethyst are great to have around. All crystals have a high vibration frequency that dispels negative energy. This is because of how long it takes for crystals to form with their pure energy. That is one of the reasons why they are considered so powerful.

We get the shapes of stars and other magical designs, such as rainbows, out of crystals. The prism effect that they make when under light is beautiful. Crystals in the sky made from ice also reflect to make a multitude of different rainbows in the atmosphere.

If you find a crystal, it is very lucky. Our understanding is power structures can elevate your soul to channel these ancient and futuristic vibrations. A crystal has been around before your birth, and it will survive as an immortal stone, unless a catastrophe happens, forever altering its chemistry.

If you want protection from evil; crystals are very safe to have around. I myself have a psychic gate around my home. I have blessed the areas with many blessed & buried crystals, in order to keep my soul safe from evil, and balance the energy of the past, present & future.


Sunshine is the ultimate spiritual cleanser for clear crystals, (never put amethyst in the sun), dream catchers, and your bed. By placing your bed near a window, in the morning the sunlight will naturally convert the negative energy into good. You will feel the different vibrations, as you sleep.


Angels can break curses. Try to fill your house with white, gold & silver candles and light, to attract them. Try using a meditation technique, such as with soft and calm music with a lot of chimes. You can feel the angels enter the room, as the frequency of your thoughts changes into a calm and altered state.

A vision of time

Moon feathers dance on the shores of the ocean tides, pulling onto the sand, calling in time. The feathers fall from the darkness above as angels come, one by one. Stars and meteorites are swirling into pieces of time, bits of comets encircling the Earth, shooting by. Waves of information are streaming with light.

The colors on the feathers are incomplete parts of information on holograms. They are metallic and gold tones. They glitter in the moonlight and star fire. They are glowing when the light does not touch them, like fireflies. They are catching the sky on fire. They are small and high tech fragments from the web of fate’s design.

When they finally fall, they look like paper scrolls. From here, the people read the words as if they are not seeing the scroll. The paper is invisible to some. If you cannot see the holograms, you will not know the messages. I can see them, because of the light that shines inside of me. There are brainwaves, and telepathic readers, who read them. They do not know, these are the angel’s scrolls being deciphered.

Freya’s feather cloak

In Norse mythology, Freyja is a very important goddess. Her name translates to meaning Lady. She is drawn quite beautifully, depicted with long flowing dark blonde hair and porcelain skin. She wears a white velvet dress, which is drawn up with a belt made of rubies and gold. She is a goddess of love, beauty, war and death and the popular desire of many mortals.

Freyja has magical objects that she holds sacred. She has an enchanted necklace called the Brisingamen, and when she wears this, no one can resist her charms and persuasions. This necklace was specially made for her by four dwarves. She has a magical cloak, of falcon feathers, and when she wears it, she can transform into a bird and fly away.

One time, her husband Odin, cried tears of gold, when he thought that she had ran away. She has several incarnations in different cultures and religions. This leads me to the belief that they may be speaking of reincarnation, as that is the only way I know, to escape death in mythological history and remain a goddess.

The sandman

The sandman comes and goes each night to sprinkle sands in the eyes of the people, to cause sleep. The dust is falling onto us, as we dream. There he is unseen and unspoken, while I lay here aware and awoken.Here he is, caring and coaxing.

He comes from the ancient Dutch & European traditional folklore. He is commonly depicted as a small man with a bag of sand in his hand. The sand may also refer to the dirt in our eyes as we awaken. He is on the other side of the veil, that we as adults do not know any longer.

Moon feathers

Moon feathers are lucky pieces of stardust, angel feathers and other sky fires of the like.

Moon feathers fall from our cosmic moon angel, as the warrior fights the forces of nature, on our behalf.

We can pray on the dust, and watch it explode.

Moon feathers fall each night causing wishing fires. When these parts of stardust ignite, they cause dreams, premonitions and change to occur.

It is the universes way of protecting us from any sign of danger, just as the universe always has, since the beginning of time and beyond. It’s just our luck.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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