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Monteverde Cheese Factory; A “Dairy” Good Tour

Costa Rica Travel News – The cheese factory tour was my favorite tour in Monteverde. It’s very informative and intriguing, even if some people in your group don’t like cheese. Why? Because it gives a slideshow about the history of Monteverde, which is quite the incredible story!

monteverde cheese factoryThe Monteverde Cheese Factory was founded in 1953. Some of the original Quaker community that founded it are still active in the community today.

The tour starts with a tour of the outside and inside of the factory. You get an explanation of the whole cheese making process. Did you know that the first pasteurized cheese in the country was produced here?

On the tour you will enjoy a slide show that shows the history of Monteverde as well as the full cheese making process. You will learn how different cheeses are made including varieties of Swiss and Dutch cheeses.

Productores de Monteverde S.A. now employs 300 people, works with 250 farms, puts out 3000-4000 kg. of cheese daily, and produces 17 varieties of cheese. Some of the cheeses they make include the Monte Rico, which is unique to Monteverde, Swiss and Dutch. There are fresh cheeses with no aging process, aged cheeses, cream cheeses and processed cheeses. On the tour, you will get to taste 6 kinds. Afterwards, you may stop at the ice cream shop onsite.

It’s a great way to understand the history of the area and get a taste test of the great cheeses.

The tours are at 9am and 2pm, Monday-Saturday. Costa Ricans pay $6, students pay $10 and visitors pay $12.

For more info, contact [email protected] or 2645-7090 or check out


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