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Mom Saves Child From Crocodile Attack in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Near Tortuguero National Park in Limon on Friday, a crocodile made its way into the home of Kenner Gutierrez Navarro, age five, from the Parismina river, and the reptile attacked him.

costa rica crocodileIt is crocodile mating season making them more aggressive and traveling further distances.

The river waters are quite high now due to torrential rains and homes are flooding, causing crocodiles to wander into the residential areas.

The crocodile grabbed young Kenner near his back door. His cries alerted his nearby mother to his rescue. Kenner had bite wounds to his arm, leg and buttocks.

His mother was able to control the bleeding until the paramedics arrived.

The Red Cross ambulance arrived in about an hour due to the remote area in which the attack took place.

However, Kenner safely arrived at the Guápiles Hospital where he is making a satisfactory recovery, according to his doctor.

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