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Modelling Art After Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Rolando Leiton is a 70-year-old artist. For 46 years he has been making paintings, lanterns and models.

For him, like many artists, sadness lead him to creativity. He faced the storm of losing his daughter and then responded with artwork.  He calls the art a new air to his existence.

He now manufactures imposing scale models of many Costa Rican churches, making them out of donated waste materials.

He pours out his devotion to God and his love of the environment in his projects.

His most recent work is a model of the temple of Coronado. It is to scale but in different colors than the actual temple. The structure of 3.20 meters in length and height and 1.5 meters wide recreates in its interior a traditional Catholic Mass.

This work was exposed in February in a Curridabat shopping mall. It features wood, glass and aluminum scraps donated by fine cabinet makers as well as real stained glass.

It took him two and a half years to create it so he won’t sell it, just put it on display at cultural fairs and malls.

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