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Mississippi Woman Captures Huge Alligator (Video)

World News – Would you want to go alligator hunting? How big a gator do you want to take home?

This woman caught the biggest one in Mississippi.

Tiffany Wienke has only been alligator hunting three times, but she already holds the record for the largest gator ever taken in Mississippi.

“We’re completely content with the fact that this will probably be the biggest alligator that we’ll ever catch,” Wienke said. “It’s not gonna keep us from going back. But we’re completely happy with this.”

With the help of her husband and four others on the boat, Wienke caught her prize after a two hour battle.

“He ran us – literally crashed us into some trees, and bank-to-bank,” Wienke said. “He was pulling this boat full of people like it was nothing.”

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The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks says while this is a new record, there are likely even bigger alligators still out there.

“There’s definitely other alligators out there that can exceed this,” said Mississippi’s Alligator Program Coordinator Ricky Flynt. “It won’t surprise me to see an alligator in the 14 to 15 foot range at some point.”

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