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Missing American Cyclist Found During La Ruta Race in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – This is good news for the family of a cyclist that went missing during a race in Costa Rica. 

la ruta bike race costa ricaRescuers in Costa Rica said Friday they found a U.S. mountain biker who had gone missing during a coast-to-coast race across the Central American country.

Mark Lyons, a 53-year-old Colorado resident, was discovered alive and in good physical condition close to where the La Ruta de los Conquistadores race had started Thursday, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

He had been swept away by a current as he tried to cross a river, losing his shoes and belongings in the process, said the Red Cross, which had been coordinating the search for him.

The alarm over his disappearance was raised by four other American riders who said they had not seen Lyons complete the first stage with 300 other competitors from Latin America, North America, and Europe.

The three-day race bills itself as “the toughest mountain bike race on the planet.”

From Velo News 

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