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MishCatt the Costa Rican Spotify Star

Costa Rica Entertainment – Michelle Gonzalez is known as MishCatt, a combination of her first name and the name of her alter ego, Catt.

Catt is a chimpanzee mask that represents intuition and a human being without filters.

MishCatt has become the most listened to Costa Rican artist on Spotify. She wants to leave her footprints in the pop industry worldwide. She took root in Los Angeles and produced in Sweden but most of her connections are still in Costa Rica, where she’s been the last few months.

Before going solo, she was in the group Patterns for two years. Her six-song solo album quickly got thousands then millions of plays on Spotify.

The songs are featured on Spotify’s playlists like Epic Workout and Happy Songs.

She and Spotify have a relationship of trust. They know they can expect great quality from her.

She brings not only creative music, but photography, audio-visual and fashion as well.

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