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Minaet Points Finger Back: Conavi Does Not Need Permission to Clean Border Trail

Wow! All I can say is wow. Sheer incompetency in government does not get much worse than this idiot situation with the border trail.  all groups are lining up to stuff their pockets again but like everything in Costa Rica do not want to actually work to get that money.

In the typical Costa Rica blame game, The Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (Minaet) sent this afternoon a second press release to retract and clarify that the Conavi does not require environmental permits to clean the bed of the stream Guaria in General Cañas Highway.

At 2:23 pm the Ministry issued a bulletin warning that the National Roads Authority (Conavi) would not have submitted the documentation required in the Water Board, to clean the bed of the creek that caused a huge crater in the highway.

An hour later, the Ministry itself explains: “the Minister Rene Castro said minutes later sending the (first) statement that” CONAVI not require permits to clean the river beds of the Autopista General Cañas and if required permission to extract stone or other materials of construction, Minaet agrees to expedite the process. ‘”

Wow! Just wow!

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    They the CEO’s, Ministers, Diputados and consultant Know it is a free for all now. They cannot rob, deceive, manipulate and point fingers at the others fast enough. Tico’s learn it is easier to steal and line their pockets faster than take for form the people and government. President Laura Chinchilla is helpless and hopeless to have any say in this. Like a runaway train. Oh well pass me Imperial..

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