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Miami Ink Star Ami James to Retire in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – One of the world’s best and most famous tattoo artists, Ami James, wants to retire in Costa Rica. He is originally from Israel and has become the star of Miami Ink, the reality TV show based in New York. His Asian style tattoos are incredible.

ami james maimi inkHe did his first tattoo at the age of 15. It wasn’t very good but he later learned from the best of the best. The old practices were passed down to him before machines became readily available. Every day he improves his skill. He takes pride in the quality of his work and sees tattooing as creating an art gallery on a body.

Each tattoo is a painting that must last forever. For this reason, he refuses to tattoo anything on someone’s face or hate messages of any type.

In his youth he had to be in the Israeli army. That made him appreciate more peaceful places. He fell in love with Costa Rica because it is the opposite of the militarized Israel. He wants to live in a place that doesn’t need an army.

He visits Costa Rica about three times a year and pans to buy something in the country this year.

He particularly loves Santa Teresa for the opportunity to surf all day without stopping. He is sure about his decision to retire in Costa Rica with his two daughters.

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