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Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel Setting Up Shop in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – While not 100% confirmed, it appears very likely that the Sinaloa Cartel, from Mexico, has moved in to Costa Rica.

Sinaloa-CartelThis is a violent drug trafficking group. The first member was stopped on Route 27 on June 24th.

Another Mexican native thought to be part of the cartel was arrested on Wednesday, according to the OIJ.

A total of 220 kilos of marijuana was found in the home they raided in San Isidro, Heredia.

Leon Martinez is the supposed leader of this international drug trafficking attempt. He was arrested during the raid of the luxury home. Four other members were arrested as well.

Aside from the compressed marijuana, police seized seven assault rifles, two revolvers, four pistols, five cars and cash in the amount of ¢1 million.

The weapons seized tie the group to the cartel.

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