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Mexican Drug Cartel Fake Journalists Stayed in Costa Rica Hotels

Costa Rica News – Well the Mexican drug cartel that was finally brought to justice in Nicaragua seemed to have been having the time of their life and doing what they want while in Costa Rica.  They should have just set up shop in CR and would have gotten away with everything just by making a few bribes here and there.  They could have bought a few government officials for the right price.

fake journalistsTen of the 18 Mexicans who were captured in Nicaragua while transporting $ 9.2 million by posing as journalists from Televisa, stayed four days in a CR Hotel, the Ramada Herradura, located in San Antonio de Belén, next to Real Cariari shopping center.

Gustavo Araya, president of the hotel, confirmed that outsiders rented rooms from the 8th to the 12th of February this year. The dates coincide with one of the group stays in the country, which joined the alleged leader, Raquel Correa Alatorre.

They came the same day and asked ten rooms.In total, paid about $ 4,000 in cash.

Araya said that originally rented rooms for three days, but then asked one more night.

He added also that Alatorre was who made the payment.

The group of 18 Mexicans was arrested on August 20 in the neighboring country. The Nicaraguan Attorney accused them of money laundering and organized crime. The charge of drug transport was added yesterday.

The first hearing will be on September 5. Before yesterday, his lawyer, Roman Rojas, said he plead guilty, but, after the enlargement of the prosecution, said that if they would go to trial.

Hotel administration also reported that on the day of their arrival, the group paid $ 1,000 in the laundry.

They paid with $ 20 bills.

They recalled that, during the morning, they went to breakfast with foreigners at a coffee shop.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    This helps CR economy a good thing they paid their bills. Now the court system a waste of time . CR officials are trying to figure out who gets a share of the 9 million. This is where it gets tricky. DIBS!

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