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Meteorite Crashes Near Costa Rican Border with Panama

Costa Rica News – For those watching for shooting stars in Costa Rica on Tuesday morning in Costa Rica, you might have seen one coming pretty close.

meteorite costa ricaBut this was not a shooting star, it was a meteorite.

I meteorite fell in the Pacific ocean off the Coast of Panama near the Costa Rican border. It was of unknown size and did not cause any damage. So the dinosaurs will live a bit longer in Costa Rica.

“The rock fell into the Pacific Ocean, on the border between Panama and Costa Rica, near the Isla Baldones and the town of Puerto Armuelles (Chiriquí),” explained the director of Panama’s Sistema Nacional de Protección Civil (Sinaproc), Jose Donderis.

The space rock was spotted by a fishing vessel that reported it to the government organization in Panama.

This is the first meteorite since 2007.  That one destroyed a ranch.


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