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MEP Investigates Costa Rica Teachers for Skipping Classes

Costa Rica News – The education system in Costa Rica shows almost everyday that it needs changes and accountability for the teachers and the system in general.  These educators are supposed to be teaching the students about life and responsibility when they cannot even set good examples for the children. Even the teachers union is stating that being held accountable for skipping classes is not acceptable making the Costa Rica education system more of a joke.

The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) is investigating teachers gave that do not attend classes between the 8th and 10th of  August to attend the annual meeting of APSE.

The members of the Association of Secondary School Teachers (APSE) had leave with pay to participate, provided they submit an original proof of attendance. The activity was held at the Oasis of Hope Church in Moravia, San José.

Although no exact numbers have been revealed, the president of Education, Leonardo Garnier, revealed yesterday that a “significant number” of those records were scanned or illegitimate.

“We received nearly 17,000 certifications attending the conference, a conference was held in a place in which they said they had 3,000 people attend” said Garnier. So about 14,000 or more teachers just took 3 days off instead of teaching their students and faked attendance slips. This is like children doing fake doctors notes.

The minister declined to refer to any penalties to which these people teaching in Costa Rica  are exposed.

Meanwhile, Beatriz Ferreto, APSE president, today said it will be up to issue a ruling on this issue.

However, it said that all teachers have received a document signed by the principal of their respective schools. So not only did they lie to their students, they lied to their principles, just to not work.

Leonardo Garnier announced this three days before the start of the annual meeting of the Union of Education Workers Costarricense (SEC), scheduled for this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Liceo de San Jose in Barrio Mexico.

The minister stressed that the participants will have to provide an assistance ballot, otherwise, they are also open administrative processes.

However, Gilberth Diaz, SEC chairman, said he would not deliver the document and said that the convention will be held under a state to strike, so that no boss requires proof of participation. So the Tico teacher union is fighting having to prove that they are attending the conference instead of teaching the children.  Anything to make it so their is no accountability in Costa Rica.

Diaz branded the directive issued by the MEP as “interference”.


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    There’s no classrooms. How can their be teachers ? ” here Jose, put this under the roof leak.”
    ” Maria, take this text BOOK to the library and make copies”.
    Here’s some monedas. Pick up some toilet paper while you’re there and make sure to get an extra bag. The toilet is leaking”

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