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Meet Priscilla Monge; Costa Rican Artist

Costa Rica Entertainment – Priscilla Monge is a Costa Rican artist who appeared at the Venice Biennale this year to grace an audience with the mystical sounds of a language spoken in Costa Rica, the indigenous Maleku.

Priscilla Monge costa rica artist 1“Carajacaquijerrisuf” was part of the exhibition brought together by the German curator Alfons Hug and 21 Latin American artists.

The exhibition was entitled “Indigenous Voices.”

Various indigenous languages are at risk of extinction. They are of great historical and cultural importance and must be conserved and appreciated as much as possible. Artists recorded languages indigenous to their own countries and the audios were chained together creating an integrated sound file that is so powerful.

It sounds like a prayer or meditation. The exhibition had no pictures or objects and those present were left dreaming with just these wonderful sounds.

Monge included in her part a narrative of a woman celebrating The Feast of the Turtles, a prayer for protection by school children, and a song about love.

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