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Medical/Legal Malpractice in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – We did an article on a legal loophole that surgeons were using to perform surgeries in Costa Rica.  This occurs because those graduating from medical school in Costa Rica will graduate with a degree in Medicine and Surgery, and the College of Law does not differentiate between the two terms.

costa rica medical malpractice 1This stated in another way is these doctors even though they are not specialized in a certain field can perform surgeries in which they are not specifically trained. Scary huh?

The case that is going on currently is former model Cristina Garcia is suing Dr. Andres Vargas of the Lindora Cosmetic Center for injecting a substance into her buttox and causing it to become deformed.

The former model is asking health authorities to temporarily close the Lindora Cosmetic Center.

In addition to these efforts, Garcia went to the College of Physicians and Ministry of Health to request an investigation of the doctor as well as the office permits.

Rachel Castellon, a lawyer, said the procedure should verify health permits, if they can perform surgeries, waste management, etc.

Both of these investigations will probably come up with nothing.

This is something that is quite scary about Costa Rica, getting a degree in Medicine and/or Law in many cases gives those with those degrees the license to do wrong and get away with those actions. I know multiple attorneys that say whatever they are paid to do and do not abide by any ethics.

In the USA the definition of medical malpractice  is improper, unskilled, or negligent treatment of a patient by a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care professional.

With the laws in place in Costa Rica many lawyers and doctors and others hide behind legal loopholes and a dysfunctional legal system.  They know how to play the game and will give you the run around and in many cases you get so frustrated you just give up on getting justice.

If you look at some of the real estate scams and fraud in Costa Rica you will notice in most cases these people never get their money back.

There are good doctors and lawyers in Costa Rica but you have to take your time and make sure you take your time choosing one.  When you chose and layer or doctor in your home country, you only use ones of trusted friends and go and meet them personally. Do the same here.

A few pieces of advice:

  • Always do your due diligence in Costa Rica with your own lawyer and through friends you personally know
  • Go and talk to the people in the office when you get there if you are getting procedures done, if you feel uncomfortable trust your instinct
  • Always do Your Research
  • Never Give Any Money (Especially Deposits “to hold” Your Real Estate), Until You Get Here
  • If You Would Not do it At Home do Not do It Here
  • Never Use the Lawyer of the Development you Are Buying From as They Usually get a Piece of Each Sale

If you need any help with a certain doctor, lawyer, or anything shoot us an email and we will help in any way we can with your research.

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