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McDonald’s Limited Edition Big Mac Special Sauce for $18,000?

World News – How much would you pay for McDonald’s special sauce?  

McDonalds-Limited-Edition-Big-Mac-Special-SauceMcDonald’s in the U.S. may now be accepting “Lovin’” as payment for Chicken McNuggets, but hugs will get you nowhere Down Under.

McDonald’s Australia is auctioning off one 500ml bottle of its secret Big Mac sauce on eBay — and after just a day, the bidding is up to almost $18,000 ($23,000 Australian dollars). And there are 8 days left of the auction.

The auction page says that the sauce is the perfect addition to everything from Hungarian Goulash to cupcakes.

“Don’t like brussel sprouts? You will now!*” McDonald’s writes before adding the strange addendum “*probably not.”

While the cost is exorbitant and the veggie antagonism is bizarre, it’s not all bad. Proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia.

If you want to make a bid here is the Ebay auction link. 

By Laura Stampler,

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