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Marta Acosta; Speaking the Truth in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – We all know that speaking the truth in Costa Rica is not something the government wants, especially when it comes to the monopolies ICE and Recope. 

truth costa ricaI do not think that Marta Acosta took the Dale Carnegie course on making friends and influencing people when it comes to the Costa Rican government…but the truth will set you free.

Marta Acosta, the Comptroller General of Costa Rica, is battling on many fronts. She is in conflict with the Costa Rican Electricity Institute and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, fighting for what’s right.

She explains the danger of TSE not accepting to execute penalties. Imagine, she says, going to vote without knowing whether the mayor you are electing has an outstanding penalty.

She urges people to vote carefully, because each vote matters. She asks us to look for honest and capable candidates with nothing to hide. She does not doubt that it is possible for organized crime to enter municipal governments.

Transparency is needed in every sector of the government. Irregularities cannot be overlooked. We need to ensure governments that are up to the challenge of serving the public, those with good intentions to work hard.

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