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March of the Prostitutes in Costa Rica Part 2

Costa Rica News – For anyone that was in downtown over the past weekend you did not need to head to the Del Rey Hotel to see scantily clad women.  However this was not to promote sex tourism or prostitution in Costa Rica.

march of the prostitutes in costa rica 1A few hundred people participated in the “March of the Prostitutes” in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica to protest a presidential candidate who offended the profession of prostitution.

Presidential candidate Oscar Lopez from the Accessibility Without Exclusion Party (PASE), said last week in an interview that “there is a thin line between rape and consensual sex.”

The woman in Costa Rican declared with this march that “No means No.”

However, it was not just prostitutes that showed up to this rally.

There were many that came to support the sexual rights of  people; men, transgender people, pastors, and even children.

It should not matter how you are dressed or what situation you are in, it does not give anyone the right to rape a person.


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