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Mana Prepares for It’s Concert in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Entertainment – 80 tons of equipment are on the way to Costa Rica for Maná’s concert on Saturday. The concert will feature songs from their Latin Grammy winning album.

mana concert costa rica 1Alex González, the group’s drummer was interviewed about what we should expect.

The band is delighted and wants to thank everyone for their votes with an amazing show.

Alex tells us to expect an adrenaline rush as the Latin pop group unleashes its work, advising us that there is nothing like a live show.

Special effects and surprises are going to be part of the experience for sure. The band will play for about two hours and let some things come naturally while other happenings will be planned.
The band of four members are working on a new production and touring.

Tickets to this Saturday’s concert are on sale at Prices go from ¢15,000 to ¢70,000 based on location.

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