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Man Sentenced to 31 years for Raping Younger Sister

San Jose, Costa Rica – There are some people that just deserve to be shot and not given a second chance for some crimes.  This is one of those instances. A man identified as Mario Flores Alpizar was sentenced in the courts of Pococí to 31 years in prison for raping his  9 year old sister.

The case dates back to 1998, from the community Pococí, Limón. The subject, who was then the age of about 25 years, abused his sister during the absence of their parents, as was established by the prosecution during the trial. Erna Gonzalez Pococí attorney, explained that this subject has been on the run since 1998. Thanks to the work of months of surveillance by agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) of Guápiles, they were able to locate the defendant, in San Jose. The capture took place last November, when an agent of OIJ managed to find and arrest him in the park La Merced. The same court also sentenced last Friday a man identified as Jose Antonio Ramirez Umana, 24 years in prison for raping his stepdaughter. According to the indictment, Ramirez abused a girl of 8 years when the mother was not home. The subject was arrested nearly a year of Guápiles OIJ agents, was in custody. The Court sentenced him for two counts of qualified rape.

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