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Magical Realism Exhibition in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – “Realismo mágico,” or “Magical Realism,” by Rafa Fernández has been on exhibition since January 12th and you have until February 26th to see this wonder that covers his career of over six decades.

It’s open to the public at the National Gallery of the Children’s Museum. It brings together 95 of Fernández’ works.

It’s considered almost an autobiographical collection in which the author is symbolized in the work. Look for the metaphors.

His daughter, Alma Fernández, is the curator for the event. She explains that the name is an umbrella for the many facets of work to be seen. There are valleys, landscapes as protagonists, magical characters, equestrian figures and many symbols.

There will be classic paintings as will as magical realism in the form of art objects.

Some of them have only been seen at the Venice Biennale back in 2001 and were then kept for 15 years.

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