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Luis Alberto Navarro Porras – Bakery Business Scam

I want to let you known a story how I was scammed in Costa Rica. I met a guy in a bakery who seemed like a very nice fellow, after a while of going to the bakery, he mentioned that he needed an investor and would be willing to pay a monthly profit. so I ended up investing a lot of money with him, and so he paid for 4 months and our contract was for the life of the company. Then he didn’t pay.

The lawyer and I tried to contact him, and he was never in the bakery or never at home and after a 4 year struggle to get the huge profits that he was going to pay I never got any. Unfortunately the lawyer dropped the case much to my dismay. Bad deal all around.

Many cases in Costa rica are dropped by the lawyers as they are paid off by the person being sued.  I have no proof that this happened but the lawyer seemed to not give his full effort in the case.

This individual’s name was Luis Alberto Navarro Porras, a true thief and piece of scum. He runs a bakery called Chile’s in Moravia, Costa Rica, and has been hiding and uses friends who threaten people when they ask for their rightful money. This individual Luis Alberto Navarro Porras is a true thief, complete scamster, and low class thug…. Regards, Anonymous

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