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Luces y Sombras Art Display in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Maria Fernanda Piza’s paintings and drawings can be examined for subconscious meaning behind their dreamlike appearance. They are on display in the Alma de Cafe, in Costa Rica’s National Theater. Enjoy them with a gourmet coffee in hand.

María Fernanda Piza luces y sombras costa ricaThe series is called “Luces y Sombras,” meaning “Lights and Darks.” Her acrylic paintings mix abstracts with surreal images. The angles from each independent figure overlap one another. There are smaller scenes than originally meet the eye, if you look closely.

It’s almost as if we can see into her REM sleep. Some parts of the images are real and tangible, yet others are foggy and cryptic. We may never fully understand this artist’s work, just like we may never realize all the meaning in our dreams.

One of the best works in this series is entitled “Ensoñación.” In it, we see a troubled man peeking through a blanket. Her work is accurate and inoffensive. Even her piece featuring nude females is classy and would fit appropriately anywhere.

The size of her pieces also makes them easy to hang in a home or office. They are about the size of a bathroom mirror, yet their impact is much greater. Houseguests will be inspired to stay and look at them for a while.

These pieces are authentic and imaginative.

They’ll be on display through December 7th.

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