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Low Income Housing to Be Built in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Those living in the Las Brisas precariat in Dulce Nombre, La Union, Cartago may soon see a huge change, that of their “ranchos” being traded in for apartments.

low income housing costa rica 1Each of the 13 apartment building towers would have 156 apartments.

The idea is to help the most poor families living essentially in shacks made out of tin by creating vertical housing, thus allowing space for more families with a lower impact on the community than individual houses would create.

The investment in this project is ¢3,500 million which is provided by the Hipotecario de la Vivienda Bank (Banhvi) and the Costa Rica-Canada Foundation. It is a unique solution that is being piloted in four areas, two in Cartago and the others in Alajuelita, San Jose and Guararí, Heredia.

The residents that will benefit in the Las Brisas area consist of 156 families. Those without legal residency status, however, will be excluded. The families will need to leave for 1.5 years while the tower is under construction in the area they currently occupy but in the end they will own property in a condominium with safe water, recreation zones and lighting. The group plans to make a large structure in which each family can live in a 5×9 meter area for the year and a half of waiting.

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