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Low Cost Airlines Looking to Have Home Base in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Low cost flights are landing in Costa Rica soon.

Irelandia Aviation Company costa rica 1 Irelandia Aviation Company is the owner of various budget airlines in the world and is now turning its focus towards Costa Rica as a base in Central America.

The current cost for a round trip ticket between Costa Rica and Nicaragua is $300 although it’s just a 40 minute ride. Irelandia will make the cost just $50 plus tax and the $29 departure tax.

The company has already launched in Colombia and after that success decided to continue on to Central America. Costa Rica was chosen because the groundwork is already laid and there is a well known international airport.

The Central America line of Irelandia will be named Viva Can and is sure to become a strong competition because that price is similar to what buses charge.

Viva Can will hire around 200 people at the start. Operations should start in June or July.

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