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Lost & Found at Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria Airport

Costa Rica Travel News – How many of you have heard the song by Brooks & Dunn, Lost & Found? Perhaps they should start playing that when you arrive at the Juan Santamaria airport in Costa Rica, leaving or coming.

lost-and-found-signThe things people loose in airports we can only imagine. Everything from misplaced sex toys to forgotten jackets to confiscated weapons ends up in the lost and found at Juan Santamaría Airport.

People have the option of having their items shipped to them in most cases. The airport will assist in this as long as the customers pay for the shipping, which many refuse to do. Others never call for their items and they get recycled or donated.

It’s amazing that people forget they can’t board a plane with their machete and they argue with the security officers who inevitably win the argument every single time. Then there are the countless engagement rings stashed in the lost and found, making you wonder a few things. More believable is that those flying between locations with differing climates often forget they came in with a jacket on.

Next time you are travelling through Juan Santamaría, or any airport or public place for that matter, try to remember where you are and why. If you are returning home from a surfing trip you should remember the surfboard (yes, those have been left behind!).

Also remember to pack all could be weapons in your checked baggage.

Security is not going to let someone board with a nail clipper because he could go crazy and attack the person sitting next to him with it.

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