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Looking for a Job in Costa Rica? Prodigious is Hiring

Costa Rica News – The technology company Prodigious is opening job positions. 50 spots for Java experts will be open in this successful company that brags about offering careers rather than just jobs.

The company is in digital production and web development.

As if that weren’t enough good news, the company allowed a day of telecommuting per week for new employees but has increased that to three days.

The jobs are related to managing software architecture in Java.

Those interested can send a resume to [email protected]. Jobs will start in the beginning of 2017.

To be hired one must have at least 80% efficiency in English as the company has an international scope.

The firm opened 100 places last January and has seen a steady growth in its client portfolio and work team.

There are currently 400 employees. Throughout 2017, 100 new collaborators will be added.

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