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Look up in the Sky Costa Rica! Wish Upon a Shooting Star

Costa Rica News – The skies are going to put on a holiday show this year, with the last meteor shower of 2015.

Geminids meteor shower costa ricaWe will be able to see the Geminids meteor and the Gemini constellation. The shooting stars are going to be beautiful.

Because the Geminid shower has great brightness and a moderate speed we will be able to see an impressive astronomical spectacular. It will be visible from December 7th through 17th, with the best times for viewing being the 13th at night or the 14th in the early am.

The maximum number of meteors we can see in one hour, known as the zenith hourly rate, is 120. That will only be possible if the sky is clear. Look up to the sky at around 8 or 9 pm and you can see the shower in any direction.

The best way to ensure a good view is to get away from the city lights. Cientec is organizing an event to watch the “show” at Punta Coral, Nicoya.

Take a blanket and some warm drinks to any park near you and simply lie back and enjoy.

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